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The Professional Gardeners’ Guild training scheme began in 1995 and almost one hundred trainees have now been through its three year programme. There is no doubt that Giulio stands out as one of the outstanding
trainees on the scheme and it was quite obvious from the beginning that he would go far.
Whatever obstacles appeared he overcame them and finally after three years he completed the scheme at Distinction level with one of the highest marks recorded.

John Humphris

VMH. AH.RHS Administrator of the Professional Gardeners' Guild Traineeship

Giulio has a wonderful range of practical experience and horticultural training gained at prestigious sites around the UK and in Japan. He is now able to use this when providing advice and gardening services. This shows itself through his ability to suggest suitable plants for different situations. He has been invaluable in helping us reconstruct an existing boarder and select plants for it. This required a huge amount of heavy work along with soil preparation which he demonstrated he is capable of doing as well … he’s worth every penny!

Peter White

Trustee at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses

At Stensbygaard (Denmark) we had the great opportunity to get to know Giulio Veronese through The International Dendrology Society. In the winter 2017/2018 Veronese developed notes and suggestions regarding the present and future dendrological and horticultural management of the garden of Stensbygaard. This has turned out as a useful tool for the planning of the garden work as well as what Veronese introduced us to during one of his visits, the Japanese way of pruning trees as a method to give room to more densely planted tree areas. Indeed his international experiences are valuable.

Marie Riegels Melchior

Owner of Stensbygaard Arboretum and Garden